Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Calabrese zeppole, a lightly golden, tender, fried Christmas tradtion.
Fried dough goodness. That's zeppole.

Google 'zeppole' and you will find that fried dough is a treat in as many cultures as it is in regions in Italy. More commonly sweet, especially in Sicilia, the Calabrese version of my mother-in-law is not an addictive sugar dusted confection and the yeast risen dough always contains potatoes (initially added to stretch the wheat flour).

Potatoes make the dough a light airy affair and the plain fried dough itself is deliciously crisp. Already ideally made for beer, add the salty pungent nuggets of anchovy (or spicy bits of salami or 'ndjua), and you have an excuse for one more Peroni or Baladin. I'm happy to share a botttle of either but not the zeppole.  I can never have just one.

They signal Christmas and the days of family gatherings ahead.  Recipe to follow.

Buon Natale everyone!