Saturday, January 23, 2010

La prima colazione preferita del mio suocero.

What is it about old Italian men and not eating breakfast?? My suocero gets up in the morning at sparrows fart (that's the early wee hours, aka crack of dawn.. etc.) and not for no particular reason. Whether it's to 'zappa' the garden, to check the wine, to pick through the drying beans or make tomato sauce.. and no more so than during salami 'season', he's up and out the door. Really. Bloody. Early.

And what does he eat?

Nothing save for a biscuit and an espresso (corretto, naturalmente). And he'll run until mid morning on that.

Then it's all on. Fried potatoes, hot peppers and an egg or two (practically poached in the remaining spicy oil). It's a breakfast that sticks to the ribs (if nothing else) and after all the work he's put in, he's earned it.


Saturday, January 09, 2010

Pasta alla Norma

The beginnings of Pasta alla Norma in my sauté pan. By the time the dish was done, so were we. Rare is the evening when we get through a meal without bub related fun.

I know Jamie's recipe shows pieces of aubergine, but I cook them soft so they barely hold together. Once cooked, they get a sprinkle of toasted breacdcrumbs, maybe a tablespoon or so, then on with the rest of the recipe. Why? Just to provide a bit of body to the sauce and likely a traditional thing as it would have helped stretch the sauce and cheese back in the day.

We had a glass of 2006 Monte Antico Sangiovese/Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon with our our dinner. I'd opened it to pair with pizza the night before and thought the acidity would compliment the pasta as well.