Monday, June 22, 2009


I love bread, but there's bread and then there is bread with chocolate (aka chocolate babka).. a rich, buttery brioche loaf swirled with a decent quality chocolate and brushed with egg. I invited over an old friend for a late morning cuppa and this was just the thing for the rainy Saturday a few weeks back.

Baked in a parchment lined stoneware (my favourite) loaf pan, it's tempting to remove it from the oven before it is baked. If it seems to be browning too much or too quickly for your liking, a bit of aluminium foil over the top will do the trick.

I suspect it might but honestly cannot tell you if this makes good toast or not.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

March, April and May

My, time flies. Especially when the link to the internet is not functioning. It has left me with an, albeit, pleasant reunion with the telephone and the bill for toll calls to match. Nonetheless, hearing a familiar voice, even though it is miles away, is comforting.

Comfort and comfort food has been what the past few months (and their below average temperatures) have been about. Spring has been teasing (and I am still not sure it has entirely arrived) and summer well.. let's just say that the garden is in and a few rogue frosts have culled my fig harvest before it started.

Canadian winters, though glorious in their sparkling snow covered arrival, can be a stubborn, stubborn thing to leave. So making the most of it with baked treats and slow cooked dishes to warm the soul are in order. Just the thing for those lucky folk in the Southern hemisphere right about now.

This is a standby when summer fruits haven't yet arrived or are long since past.. Banana maple upside down puddings.

If you are in need of extra warming, adding little rum in the caramel and in the cake (a Tbsp or so for each) adds a subtle flavour.