Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Beer for the Season

I've raved on about Taieri George before. If you are fortunate to have tried it, you know what I mean. And it just so happens that it is a beer that suits the holidays in either hemisphere.

Generally, Christmas in New Zealand means a work do, if not several, and possibly a trip to the the bach (or crib) for what is also summer holidays. The past five (that I've enjoyed in various locations throughout the country) have been cooler than average. Not complaining though as the autumn weather has been nothing short of glorious anywhere I have been fortunate enough to have spent it.

But not this year. While it might have been a rainy day in Wellington, it was well below zero here in the deep freeze of an Atlantic Canadian winter. We supped this warming, aromatic concoction while watching what was to be yet another 25cm of snow fall outside over the glow of Christmas lights.



Well, it has been a quiet one. A lovely dinner and a beautiful Barolo.. No nudity or pretty dancing feet (damn!), but some resolutions nonetheless.

Here's to all the resolutions out there, food and otherwise, and may all your dreams for 2008 come true. If it helps, I've been eating enough grapes for everyone..

Best of the Season to All.