Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Looking forward to Savour

Savour 2007 is coming up this weekend and it should be very exciting. I'll be back with full report next week.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

NZ Blogging by Post

A big thank you to Morven at Food, Art and Random Thoughts for the wonderful cheese parcel that arrived on my doorstep just before Easter.

The chilly bin contained several Talbot Forrest cheeses and crackers, some quince paste, and a jar of homemade feijoa chutney! Now it is a matter of getting to taste it all! I'll have some photos soon as I get a replacement camera cable.

And a thank you also to Emma, for organising. I am glad she liked the parcel (even after the trials of getting it to her door on time) and sadly, minus a few of the original items. I've learned a few things about sending bottles and I'll be sure to pack it better next time.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

More trainspotting, Port style

More trainspotting.. again of the Taieri Gorge. It was running a shuttle service for $10 between Dunedin and Port Chalmers for Port Days 2007.

We stopped round for a few barbequed chops and a good look around 'Port'. Along with some games for the kiddies, there was a freighter (the Maersk Dunafare) dockside that allowed a true appreciation of their massive size (45,803 gross tonnage) and an interesting exhibit on loan from the museum detailing the first frozen meat shipment from New Zealand to England. The day marked the 125th Anniversary of the actual voyage. A historic day indeed for the 2 Billion dollar NZ Meat export industry (2006 stats).

This is the Tunnel Hotel (aka Port Chalmers Hotel) and, yes, that hole in the wall beside the hotel IS a working train tunnel.  A great location for the train aficionado but we didn't stay for any longer than a photo as they don't serve my favourite beer.  If Speights is your thing, pull up a stool.  We motored along to the Carey's Bay Pub, not a kilometer along the road that has Bookbinder and Emerson's Pilsner on tap. On the day, Bookie was the ultimate match for the pies on offer and the Pilsner was particularly full of passionfruit and lush. We had a few perfect pints.

FYI: In the photo on the link, the CBH is the big stone building closest to the water.

Carey's Bay is a great historic hotel that has recently been lovingly restored retaining much of its original character. Stop in for lunch, a few pints of Bookbinder in their covered courtyard or sunny front section, and drink in the view as well.  For a Maritimer like me, it was a view reminiscent of home.